Economic and food security of Ukraine

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The requirements for the structure of the articles

The article should be typed in text editor Microsoft Word. All margins - 20 mm. Font - Times New Roman, 14 points. Line spacing - 1.5, paragraph - 1.5 cm. Align the text in width. The tables and figures font 12 points. Figures necessarily grouped. The formulas are given in Microsoft Equation Editor, functioning within the Microsoft Word text editor. The tables in the article should be used only if they contribute conciseness, or if the information can not be presented as graphs or histograms. The volume of research papers at least 6 pages.

The text should have the following essential elements:

  • Statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks;
  • Analysis of recent research and publications in which the beginning of the solution to this problem and relied on by the author, highlighting the unsolved aspects of the problem, which is devoted to the art;
  • The wording of Article purposes (problem);
  • Presentation of the main research material with full justification of scientific results;
  • The conclusions of this study and the prospects for further research in this area;
  • Bibliography.

List of used literature is issued in accordance with Vancouver Citation Style. Download In addition, below is the word «References» and the same list of literature but in the Roman alphabet (Latin).

Attention: Here are all the names of Russian sources, the authors write in transliteration, the names and sources of foreign authors - in English (see the example below.). For transliteration you can use any automated online service, for example,

The number of Internet sources in the bibliography may not exceed 40% of the list.
The text drawn up in the following order:

  1. UDC index, centered.
  2. The names of the authors, centered.
  3. The title of the article, centered, lower case letters.
  4. Abstract in the language of the article, the text alignment on width.
  5. Key words in the language of the article (begins the phrase "Key words"), alignment of the text width.
  6. The title of the article, abstract and keywords in English, the alignment of the text width. Download sample article

The authors are the editors article in the form of file format * .doc or * .docx email.For electronic version of this article is added:

  • Individual files figures used in the article and photo authors in BMP, TIFF or JPEG formats;
  • Data about the authors as a separate file, and on a separate sheet (surname, first name and patronymic of all authors in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, academic degree, academic status, place of work, position (for undergraduate and graduate students - student name, major and year of study) , postal and e-mail address for correspondence, phone number).
  • A paper version of the article, signed by the authors;
  • License agreement; Download

The authors are personally responsible for the accuracy of the information.
Manuscripts are not designed properly, will not be accepted for publication. The editors reserve the right to make editorial revision of the manuscript. License "Attribution"/ Attribution cc by.